Interview With Corky Puhl


Corky Puhl | Hydrosol Systeminterview with second generation owner:
Corky Puhl

Q: Hydrosol was founded when you were three years old. What memories do you have growing up?

A: I remember my dad’s car always smelled like a steel mill. I also thought it was really cool Hydrosol has big red trucks.

Q: What was your first job at Hydrosol?

A: I started working at the shop when I was a teenager. I was responsible for keeping the garage clean, mowing the lawn and loading trucks for service jobs.

Q: What was the most difficult project you managed at Hydrosol?

A: We had to chemically clean a hydraulic system on the top of a blast furnace in Warren, Ohio. A big winter storm hit the area causing everything to freeze. The job felt like it lasted forever!

Q: What was your most rewarding experience at Hydrosol?

A: I always enjoyed helping customers. A gas washer at Republic Steel blast furnace plugged up and shut the entire furnace down. Hydrosol was able to clean the gas washer and return the furnace to full operation.

Q: Name a mentor that helped you grow as a leader.

A: I spent most of my jobs in the field with Charlie Komp. Charlie taught me a lot about customer service and project management. My father taught me about chemical procedures and processes.

Q: What special traits did you look for when hiring a person?

A: We liked people that were punctual, early risers, problem solvers and team players.


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