Electric Arc Furnace

Why should I use Hydrosol System to chemically clean my E. A. F. Cooling Systems?

E.A.F cooling components begin to accumulate calcium, iron and other elements over time. Restricted water flow may lead to equipment failure causing costly down time.

How can Hydrosol System resolve and prevent these problems?

Hydrosol System crews mobilize high velocity pumps and filtration systems to customer site. Equipment cooling passages are isolated with minimal disassembly and cleaned by circulating chemicals at high velocities. Chemicals are specially selected for each component. Work can usually be performed in 12 hours

How often should I clean?

Hydrosol System recommends annual cleaning to ensure, optimal cooling and minimal downtime.

E.A.F. components recommended for chemical cleaning:

  • Mast Arms
  • Super Structure
  • Electode Clamp Cooling
  • Transformer Heat Exchangers
  • Bezzle Ring

Electric arc furnace and components such as mast arms and electode clamp | Hydrosol System


The Hydrosol Industrial Maintenance Process

Industrial Maintenance - Initial Meeting
  • About Hydrosol
  • About you
  • Your needs
  • Our processes
Industrial Maintenance - Pre Engineering
  • Identify Specific equipment in need of cleaning
  • Create a timeline for project
  • Create a custom cleaning plan to restore your equipment to optimal performance
  • Create a safety plan
  • Identify necessary paperwork
Industrial Maintenance - Execution
  • Pre-job safety meeting
  • Set up equipment
  • Perform cleaning service
  • Dispose of chemicals safely and responsibly
  • Leave the job site clean
  • Confirm the customer is 100% satisfied
Industrial Maintenance - Servicing

Annual Planning 
Schedule quaterly services

  • Set-up annual maintenance schedule
  • Quaterly communication
  • Accessibility
  • Fast response times
  • High level of service
  • People with a working knowledge of your equipment


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