Auto Clave/Steam Sterilizer

Why should I use Hydrosol System to passivate my auto clave?

Auto claves and steam sterilizers accumulate a burnt residue throughout the chamber over time. The residue film is unsanitary and leads to pre-mature corrosion. The main causes of corrosion are chlorides, sulfates, chlorine, hypochlorites, bleach, and acids the will aggressively attack stainless steel and can cause significant damage to the auto clave chamber and plumbing. Hydrosol’s passivation procedures will  make the surface of your auto clave or steam sterilizer more corrosive resistant by restoring the oxide layer or protection.

How can Hydrosol help?

Hydrosol crews will mobilize high purity cleaning equipment to our facility. A two step gel cleaning solution will be applied to the auto clave or steam sterilizer. The residue is dissolved leaving the auto clave or steam sterilizer visually appealing and sanitary. This will ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance and cleanliness.

How often should I clean my auto clave?

Hydrosol recommends annual cleaning of your auto clave or steam sterilizer to ensure your equipment is running efficiently and according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Routine preventative maintenance performed by our trained, experienced technicians will give your equipment maximum performance and give you peace of mind knowing your auto clave or steam sterilizer is well maintained.

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The Hydrosol Pharmaceutical Maintenance Process

Pharmaceutical Maintenance - Initial Meeting
  • About Hydrosol
  • About you
  • Your needs
  • Our processes
Pharmaceutical Maintenance - Pre Engineering
  • Identifying Specific equipment in need of cleaning
  • Review P and ID
  • Identifying temporary connection
  • Submit calibration documentation
  • Discuss turnover packagye
  • Create a safety plan
  • Review clean room procedures
  • Identify necessary paperwork required by customer
  • Create a custom cleaning plan to restore your equipment to optimize performance
Pharmaceutical Maintenance - Execution
  • Pre job safety meeting
  • SDS Sheets
  • Review gowning requirements
  • Set-up equipment and make temporary connections
  • Perform service
  • Dispose of chemicals safely and responsibly
  • Leave job site clean
  • Complete turnover package
  • Confirm customer is 100% satisfied
Pharmaceutical Maintenance - Servicing

Annual Planning
Schedule quarterly service

  • Set-up annual maintenance schedule
  • Quarterly commubnicatoin
  • Accessibility
  • Fast response times
  • High level of service
  • People with a working knowledge of your equipment


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