Ammonia Condensers and Stills

Why clean my ammonia condensers and stills?

Ammonia Condenser systems and stills must be properly maintained to prevent costly repairs and downtime. Scale formation and build-up on surfaces will significantly reduce cooling efficiency and cause increased energy consumption. Scale build up is mainly caused by calcium and magnesium and can prevent water from cooling the ammonia properly. If the water temperature is not correct fouling, bacterial growth and biofilm may occur. This will decrease the efficiency of your system and increase production costs. Build-up can also cause down time and in severe cases destroy expensive condenser equipment.

Why should I use Hydrosol System to chemically clean my ammonia condensers & stills?

Hydrosol System can properly clean and maintain your ammonia condenser and stills. Our proven chemical cleaning procedures ensure your system is clean and running at the proper PH levels. It is also recommended by manufacturer’s guidelines that before starting up your system it is chemically cleaned. It is important to be on a regular de-scaling maintenance schedule to avoid an interruption in production. Hydrosol System can create a customized maintenance plan that will ensure you system is running at optimal efficiency daily.

Ammonia condensers and stills require industrial chemical cleaning | Hydrosol System


The Hydrosol Industrial Maintenance Process

Industrial Maintenance - Initial Meeting
  • About Hydrosol
  • About you
  • Your needs
  • Our processes
Industrial Maintenance - Pre Engineering
  • Identify Specific equipment in need of cleaning
  • Create a timeline for project
  • Create a custom cleaning plan to restore your equipment to optimal performance
  • Create a safety plan
  • Identify necessary paperwork
Industrial Maintenance - Execution
  • Pre-job safety meeting
  • Set up equipment
  • Perform cleaning service
  • Dispose of chemicals safely and responsibly
  • Leave the job site clean
  • Confirm the customer is 100% satisfied
Industrial Maintenance - Servicing

Annual Planning 
Schedule quaterly services

  • Set-up annual maintenance schedule
  • Quaterly communication
  • Accessibility
  • Fast response times
  • High level of service
  • People with a working knowledge of your equipment


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