Transmix Hauling

Why Should I Use Hydrosol System?

Transportation mixture, or Transmix, a byproduct of gasoline and diesel mixing is a mixture that is commonly formed in pipelines. Transmix is generally a mixture of gasoline, diesel and/or jet fuel. It is not saleable as is because it does not meet strict specifications and must be disposed of or refined into usable fuel. Hydrosol System can haul and dispose of transmix.

Liquid ring vacuum truck transmix hauling services.


The Hydrosol Industrial Vacuum Service Process

Industrial Vacuum - Initial Meeting
  • About Hydrosol
  • About you
  • Identify safety and compliance expectations
  • Time and material rates presented
Industrial Vacuum - Pre-Engineering
  • Identify site location
  • Identify site specific safety requirements
  • Identify necessary paperwork
  • Create a project time line
  • Identify scope of work
  • Identify equipment needed
  • Identify customer contacts
  • Identify disposal requirements
Industrial Vacuum - Execution
  • Site specific safety meeting
  • Complete customer paperwork
  • Execute project
  • Arrange disposal documentation
  • Clean job area
  • Confirm customer satisfied
  • Wash tank
Industrial Vacuum - Annual Service

Annual Planning
Schedule quarterly service

  • Give customer a Hydrosol emergency contact list
  • Montly PICS updates
  • DOT driver poll participation
  • Maintain daily schedule


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